While the world is striving to attain perfection, I realize the only perfect One took my place, as a perfect sacrifice, on a cross. Through Him my weaknesses are made strong. I'm not afraid to be different, because I AM different. I'm a child of The Most High. I can be imperfect because I am loved by a Perfect God.

Praying for Direction. Lift by Prayer. Working for Peace. Labor by Power. Driven by Love. Love by Patience. Living by Faith. Live by Presence. Held by Hope. Learn by Faith.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 2!

Name someone who deserves more credit than they get. You can also talk about how to change things so they receive more credit, post about this person, how you know them, ways we can get to know them, etc.

I thought about this all day today. I can't really think of ONE person. I've thought of all the people who've impacted my life, as well as the life of others. My conclusion: There is a group of people who deserve WAY more credit than they receive.

These are the people who spend 1/3 of their day investing in the life of a child. They are responsible for the future. They challenge the minds of the young. In some cases they spend more time with a child than the parents. They take an interest in a child. They help them achieve success, mold social skills, introduce diversity, demonstrate tolerance and acceptance and lead by example.

I'm talking about teachers, of all kinds:
Elementary Teachers
Middle School Teachers
High School Teachers
College Professors
Music Teachers
Athletic Instructors
Private Tutors
Sunday School Teachers

Any person who invests time in another person for the betterment of that person.

I think this is sometimes a thankless job. It can takes years to see the benefits of lessons taught. In some instances, people who should be responsible, push the responsibility to the next person.

I want to thank EVERY person who has invested in my life.

Family who has always believed in me and supported every decision.
A Pastor and Church Family who has always prayed for me and encouraged my spiritual growth.
Teachers in School who have taught me so many lessons and challenged the limits of my mind.

Mrs. Schehl: who not only shared her passion for music with me, but also has become a great friend.

Mrs. Cantu: who showed me that I can be a diva princess and still not get my way-but still supported my shoe obsession

Melinda: who likes to take credit for my cooking skill :p although she did teach me how to make scrambled eggs. She's taught me a lot, and been 100% open with me. As I've grown up we've become friends...even through her "vicodin addiction" (JOKE!!! She was never actually addicted to pain killers"

Amy: Who has been the big sister I've always needed, but never had, a friend I've always needed, my mentor I've always looked up to, and my cousin.  She's listened to me vent, knows everything about me, and still loves me, has offered advice...when I want it, and when I need it. Also the mom of my two favorite nephews :)

Mom: Who has been my friend, and has always supported me. We definitely do not agree on everything, and when we get into an argument, it's pretty much an all out war. But Nonetheless, I'm so thankful she is in my life. She has taught me patience, tolerance, understand, and that life is all about timing :)

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  1. I think that nurses don't get enough credit for what they do.
    They always on their toes to make sure the patient is comfortible and make sure the patient is getting well so that they can go home as soon aspossible.
    A nurse is on their feet for 8 to 10 hrs a night maybe longer. They sometimes do not get a break for lunch or for a time to sit down.
    They have to be prepared to follow the doctors orders for the patient.
    Nurses work hard so that your hospital stay is short and not long.
    When a love one dies they are there by your side to help anyway that they can.
    Nurses take abuse by family members also patients that are not capiable to help themselves.
    So to all the nurses including, Steve you do a great job. Yes you do!
    without you doing your job, would'nt want to go to the hospital or doctors office.
    Thank you so much for all you do!
    The long hrs the achy feet the back aches. Thank you thank you. You do make a diffence. no matter what. I will say it again thank you!