While the world is striving to attain perfection, I realize the only perfect One took my place, as a perfect sacrifice, on a cross. Through Him my weaknesses are made strong. I'm not afraid to be different, because I AM different. I'm a child of The Most High. I can be imperfect because I am loved by a Perfect God.

Praying for Direction. Lift by Prayer. Working for Peace. Labor by Power. Driven by Love. Love by Patience. Living by Faith. Live by Presence. Held by Hope. Learn by Faith.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today's Generation

I started off my day going to the gym. My goal isn't necessarily to be skinnier, although that would be a good thing, but moreso to be healthier. I look at older people who didn't take care of their bodies, and I realize I do not want to be in that situation. It's much easier to start now.

As I was thinking about that, I realized what a spirit of laziness and lack of patience has come over our generation. I know it's been said before, but we live in a fast paced society. Everything happens immediately. Instant information, with the internet, instant communication with cell phones and instant messengers, even email, instant food, drive thru's, instant coffee. (lol). People want immediate results. My generation wants what our parents have now. We want what took them 30+ years to obtain, and we want it without having to do all the work.

Everyone makes New Year's resolutions, they never stick. People join gyms, they stop going. People make new friends, they lose touch. It seems that once the newness wears off, people become bored and move on. There is a need for instant gratification. there's a saying "when the going gets tough, the tough get going" Maybe I'm misinterpreting that, but I think that's what people do. When things get hard, they give up and move on to the next thing.

I can really see this in people's spiritual lives as well. Our generation has so much to be thankful for. We have the knowledge and experience of those before us. However, the level of commitment and desperation simply doesn't exist. In order to draw closer to God, we have to have less of ourselves. This generation doesn't want to go through the breaking process. Moving up, means having less weighing you down. For some reason, letting go of some things is too difficult for people. They do not want to put forth the effort.

I previously mentioned about things being born in anguish. Anguish doesn't come without passions. It doesn't "just happen" It takes many hours in prayer, deep heartfelt prayer. For some reason my generation is much greater satisfied knowing about God rather than knowing Him. Sure we've heard many people say "It's about the relationship, not the religion". I agree with that, I think everyone should have a relationship with God, but relationships take work, one person doesn't always get what they want. How many times have we not done what God wants, because it doesn't fit into our plan? How many times would we rather read books ABOUT God, or ABOUT other people's experience with God, than God's word. Today's generation is singing to the tune of finding your own beliefs, but when you're reading books by other people about God... is that really what you're doing? Having a relationship with God is learning about Him, hearing what He has to say.

I weep for our generation. A generation that in all rights has power with God beyond comprehension, and yet quench that power by consuming themselves with affairs of this world. Which when it boils down to it, mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. A word to all those that would heed my plea, don't let anything in this world keep you from eternity.

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