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Friday, June 8, 2012

"Send me a man to fight me!" -Goliath

I taught Bible Study this past Tuesday. Wow, what a week it had been. If anything could go wrong, it did...everything from every side. However, as I was studying, and teaching I was strengthened in my spirit, things were just being confirmed.
As I talked about the early Kings of Israel: Saul, David, and Solomon, I gave background on each of them. The story of David fighting against Goliath shows us the way of victory over things that war against the soul :: spiritual temptations must be utterly destroyed.

Lets ponder this thought... imagine walking in a park and you see a guy and girl in the distance with some PDA going on. Your first thought is Wow, get a room. Then your next thought is.... I know that girl, I'm going to knock that dude out!!
 ** Lets pause right here... while I lay a foundation for this.

The girl goes to church with you, she sits about 3 rows back, is really sweet and would never had done something like this. In fact you talked to her just last week and she told you what great things God has been doing in her life. She'd been coming to bible studies on Wednesday nights, now this??? What went wrong?!?!

The enemy. He is invading our people while we sit by the sidlines and see these things happening, he snares yet another. When are we going to respond spriritually like we wanted to respond physically to the guy above, whom we wanted to "knock out"??

When the enemy places these slight snares in the paths of our brothers or sisters in the Lord, we notice the signs and we feel bad. Perhaps we even pray for them... and tell them we so, but that's not enough. We must begin to realize it's no joke, we MUST fight back. Spiritually "demolish" this hold that the enemy has placed upon them. No more simply requesting prayers....even telling everyone to pray.... it's more then prayer- it's time to war. " For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God, to the pulling down of the strongholds." 2 Cor. 10:4. But wait.... lets take this home. We are the church BODY, 1 Cor. 12:14. The FAMILY of Christ, 1 Tim. 5:1-2, Treating all like mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. If a family member was being physically attacked, our reaction would be instant.

Protect and defend... why is this not the same in the spiritual?

What new dimension would open, if "we" as a body, all stepped up to the plate for our brothers and sisters in the church. Sister's standing up for brother's, brother's for father's, mother's for sons... a never ending cycle. Fighting, proctecting, defending... to the death. Is your family worth it? Would you be willing to fast, pray and fight, to the death, for your church family. Jesus did.... can we truly claim to be "Christians", Christ-like when in reality we are nothing like him. We can't pray for an hour, we don't fast and to lay down our life for a friend... ever. When we decide that it's more important to reach out to those around us, this is the place where God can begin to use you in a mighty way. A willing vessel, one that is pouring out and in doing so is being refilled from a heavenly source. The road we are on is not for the frail. Though there are times we have felt that way but... and circling around back to the family; We grab their hands and press towards the mark, the high calling of Christ. Together Everyone Achives More... TEAM. The Lord has called you to take up your cross and follow him. Can you do this, can we do this? fight for our family?? Will you fight for me?? As in my title, the enemy is calling, "Send me a man who is willing to fight me!" If only people would stand up, against all odd and size of the issue. Just like little David fought for his family, we know the back of the book. We are Victorious just like David!!!!

Fight like you've never fought, pray like you've never prayed, and love... LOVE your Church family as though you would lay down your life for them.

Fight, Protect and Defend.

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